• webSouperBowl

    Souper Bowl

    Makes no difference who you are rooting for, you are invited to BUMC Souper Bowl Sunday luncheon on February 1st following the 11:00 Service. The luncheon is hosted by the Mission Committee and the Briarcliff’s UMW.
  • webSimpleRules

    Three Simple Rules

    Sundays in January, Rev. Nanci Hicks will preach a series based on the Three General Rules, as put forth by Methodism founder, John Wesley, in the Methodist Book of Discipline.
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    Please take a look at this video which explains how our conference apportionments get utilized.
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    Welcome to Briarcliff

    We want to be a place where people can explore and expand their spiritual lives, striving to make God’s love visible in this world.
A commitment to put our faith into action creates a culture of service.
Stay tuned for upcoming events and news from the community!
Briarcliff is a vibrant place to believe, think, and act in our world.
Donate to BUMC and invest in the future of our community.

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